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Testimonial #1-

"Dear Edison Estates Staff: I wanted to thank you for your time in ensuring that I was well taken care of in your subacute orthopedic wing. You were all so kind and thoughtful and Edison Estates was a great place to recover following unfortunate hip surgery. I was in another facility after my first hip replacement and there is no comparison. Edison Estates was exceptional in providing me with privacy and good treatment that helped to speed my recovery. I am now receiving home therapy and all is well thanks to you."

Testimonial #2-

"Dear Aimee and Cedar Brook Staff: I want to give a great big thank you to all of you. My mom was a resident of the home for over 13 years. Over those years, she was given wonderful care and was treated with respect. I can't begin to name all the departments, individuals or names of each caregiver for fear of leaving someone out. On the whole, so many of them were personally involved with my mother and catered to her needs. They helped her make the best of what she could have been during a difficult time in her declining year. Thank you all for caring so much."

Testimonial #3-

"Dear Roberta at Oak Tree: I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write this, but every time I started, I could not finish. I felt I was closing another chapter of this tragedy. Coming to JFK Medical Center and Hartwyck at Oak Tree were the only good attributes to come out of this nightmare. We met some of the most wonderful people between the two facilities. You, Dr. McCagg, Dr. Lopez and your entire personnel will always have a special place in our hearts. We look forward to visiting as soon as we are ready."

Testimonial #4-

"Dear Danielle: I wanted to make sure that I expressed my gratitude to you for your tour of Edison Estates's orthopedic and subacute units. You made my mother and I feel so very comfortable and I can only wish that all health care professionals would be as compassionate and friendly as you and the staff at the facility. You really made us feel at home and would highly recommend your subacute unit to others. Thanks again."

Testimonial #5-

"Dear Mary and the Adult Day Care Staff: You are a blessing! I can go to work knowing she is in good hands as if it were me taking care of her. When she first signed up to go the the center, she was reluctant. Now she is up and ready to go every day. She comes home and tells me what she did and how happy she is about being there. Thank you for the peace of mind and happiness you are giving us!"

Testimonial #6-

"Dear Edison Estates Staff: I just wanted to extend my thanks for the care my mother received at your facility. I especially wanted to send my family's appreciation to one of her nurses, Michael Soloman. Mr. Soloman demonstrated compassion and professionalism above and beyond the call of duty. This young man treated my mother with respect and friendship when she needed it most. He made a very difficult situation bearable. If there were any doubt as to which profession Mr. Soloman should dedicate his professional life to, I would like to express with complete confidence that he is in the perfect job. He truly was and angel of mercy."

Testimonial #7-

"Dear Kelly at Edison Estates: This communication comes to you in the form of gratitude and appreciation. I just want to thank you for going a step beyond your job and taking the time to help my wife with handling her mail and other little things that she may need. I just wanted to take this time to say that you are appreciated, and to say thank you. I also know that with today's economy, you are probably over worked and under paid and to assist my wife and me, shows me that you are exceptional, and it's also a quality that is rare. Once again thank you."

Testimonial #8-

"Dear Ms. Nierva:  Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the excellent care provided to my wife S.K. during her recent admission at Edison Estates Rehabilitation Center. At all times we were treated with respect, compassion and excellent care by staff and administrators. In particular, thank you for your help in rectifying my wife’s bill and seeing to it that all charges were properly fulfilled by the appropriate agencies. Thanks also to Ms. Mary Rose for her help as both a compassionate social worker as well as an effective liaison with Medicare. She was always mindful of our needs and concerns. Owing to the excellent care she received at your institution, my wife is doing well and we are successfully managing her day-to-day needs at home. Have healthy and happy holidays."

Testimonial #9-

"Dear Selena D., Marissa and Staff:  I had the impulse of writing you a note of appreciation and thanking you very large for a pleasant stay at the Edison Estates facility. I was deeply impressed by the way you distributed your benevolent care among the patients. I believe that you are a true asset to your employer. Your staff changes my opinion of what I had heard about patient treatments in the Care Center, because I saw for myself the extra mile tolerance given by your staff. The therapy staff was very good also in their attentiveness to the patients needs. I feel that Marissa did an excellent job also! I miss you all and I have left with a great opinion of you. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year."

Testimonial #10-

"Dear Edison Estates: I was a patient at your rehab for the month of October 2011. I have never been in rehab before so am not qualified to speak about the service. However, I want you to know I have never been treated with so much care and respect. Everyone from the housekeeping staff, dietary staff, beauty parlor, nurses aides, the staff in rehab. They were patient, considerate, pleasant. I can not tell you how great your staff is. When you are in pain in a strange place, a reassuring word and a smile is worth more than anyone knows. Thank you again for all of the kindness shown to me."