Subacute Rehabilitation Unit

The Subacute Rehabilitation Unit at Edison Estates offers progressive care with a personal touch. The care team promotes healthy behavior and the involvement of patients in their own care, treatment and healthcare decisions.

The therapy team is affiliated with the renowned JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, which embodies the philosophy that the entire body is interactive; therefore, treatment must be balanced through coordinated therapy geared toward maximizing each patient’s recovery.

The Treatment Team

The patient and his or her personal support system are at the center of the rehabilitation team. Patients participate by providing information, asking questions, and complying with treatment protocols.

Other members of the team include:

  • Program Coordinator – The coordinator manages the overall quality of the patient’s rehabilitation program and provides assistance such as providing information, guiding tours of the facility and being recepti ve to the patient’s individual needs, ideas and concerns.
  • Physician -- A physiatrist – a medical doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation – will communicate with your doctors to ensure the continuity of your rehabilitation plan.
  • Nurses – Nurses help patients manage medical problems, and they provide education to the patient and family. They also monitor the patient’s health and keep the patient and other team members abreast of such changes.
  • Therapists
    • Physical therapy focuses on strengthening, endurance, ambulation (walking) and coordination.
    • Occupational therapy will help increase the patient’s independence in such activities as bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, homemaking and mobility. As needed, adaptive devices will be provided.
    • Recreation therapy utilizes therapeutic activities based on the patient’s interests, such as creative arts, current events, music and social events to promote independence and overall well being.
    • Speech-language pathology assesses and treats patients with swallowing, communication and cognitive needs.
  • Social workers – A social worker assesses each patient and starts the discharge planning process soon after admission, taking into account the patient’s lifestyle, routine and personal support system. This service can ease the transition back into the patient’s home and community.
  • Psychologists – A psychologist will gather information concerning factors that may influence the patient’s care and treatment, such as emotional status and response to stress. Both patients and support system members may take advantage of counseling.

JFK Hartwyck at Edison Estates is an ideal choice for sub-acute care. We look forward to offering you or a loved one progressive care with a personal touch.