Frequently Asked Questions

When might I enter Edison Estates’ Sub-Acute Unit?
Patients are accepted once they are stabilized in an acute care setting, and the average length of stay is between three and six weeks.

What makes your Orthopedic Program special?
Our program is affiliated with the prestigious Johnson Rehabilitation Institute of JFK Medical Center, which gives you the benefit of some of the best services and staff in the region.

The program offers comprehensive rehabilitation and nursing care while you recover from orthopedic injuries and surgeries. Large private rooms with complimentary TV and telephone service are available. Your treatment will be provided in a gym specially outfitted for orthopedic patients.

What does it mean to be involved in my own care?
You will be expected to provide information, to ask and answer questions, to help set goals in your care plan, and to attend education and training sessions. Being involved in your care may help you experience better results.

What is there to do while I heal?
Recovery will be your primary focus, but you also can participate in live entertainment, crafts, educational lectures, community integration/trips, and an Adopt-A-Grandparent program. Your visitors are welcome, and as your health permits, you may enjoy sitting in the gazebo or strolling the grounds.

What kind of therapies do you offer?

  • Recreation therapy may help you return more quickly to daily activities geared to your interests, such as art, movies, reading and social events.
  • Physical therapy focuses on strengthening, endurance, ambulation (walking) and coordination. It takes a hands-on approach to therapeutic exercise and functional training.
  • Occupational therapy will help increase your independence in such activities as bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, homemaking and mobility. As needed, you may regain self-reliance by using adaptive devices.
  • Speech-language pathology assesses and treats patients with swallowing, communication and cognitive needs.

Can I or a member of my support team tour the facility?
Yes, simply call (732) 985-1500 to arrange a tour.

Do you accept referrals?
Yes, we accept and appreciate referrals. If you are a healthcare professional, please call the Client Service Department at JFK Medical Center at (732) 321-7733.