Frequently Asked Questions

When might I enter Cedar Brook’s Sub-Acute Unit?
Patients are accepted once they are stabilized in an acute care setting, and the average length of stay is between three and six weeks.

Who pays for my stay?
Our facility accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances. Our admissions staff will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Can my doctor at home visit me at JFK Hartwyck?
Yes. Your physician can visit you at any of our JFK Hartwyck facilities. Physicians who wish to treat patients should contact the respective facility to obtain privileges.

What makes your Huntington's Disease program special?
The Huntington’s Disease Unit at Cedar Brook is the only specialized unit in New Jersey. Indeed, it is one of only six centers in the country to provide care uniquely tailored to the needs of individuals with Huntington’s Disease. Our expertise enables use to focus on the disease process and to increasing the patient’s quality of life.

Can I or a member of my support team tour the facility?
Yes, simply call (908) 754-3100 to arrange a tour.