Continuum of Care

JFK Hartwyck is affiliated with JFK Medical Center as well as the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute and Whispering Knoll Assisted Living Community. Each level of the JFK Health System is designed to provide a comprehensive, cost effective, progressive flow of treatment in order to meet individual needs throughout the continuum of care.

JFK Hartwyck centers provide a continuum of care that ensures residents and patients receive the appropriate level of care and services throughout their length of stay. An assessment is conducted and options for care are discussed with the individual and his or her family. Our staff maintains an ongoing dialogue to coordinate care and services in the best interest of the resident or patient.

Treatment and discharge plans are created to suit each individual’s changing needs. Referrals, transfers or discharges may be recommended. You can take comfort in knowing that your loved one will receive the same high quality, compassionate care in each of our facilities throughout the System.

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